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Frequently Asked Questions

Please email to arrange for a trial membership.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Free membership to gain access to the RDG Retail Academny Podcasts.

Yes, the cost of subscription includes GST.

Please email if you require a tax invoice.

Once you have subscribed or selected an invitation to join a Group you can view the courses you have access to from within the Fit for business™ Courses page.

All courses that you have access to will be marked with the Enrolled label. From within the Course  Detail page, select to Take this Course. The course will open and will also be available from the My Courses page.

Watch the video below to see this in action.


If you have forgotten your password you can request to reset it from the login page.

Enter your username or email that you used to sign up with and you will be emailed a link to reset your password.

If you are a Group Owner or a Group Leader then you will be able to manage the members in your Group from the User Management page which is available from the Group Management menu.

You will be directed to the Group Management page. Select Users>Add One Group Member.

Complete the Add and Invite User form. The user will receive an email notifying them that they have been added to the group. The email will provide a link to the platform and their username and password. 

Please email if you are having any problems with your subscription.

We would also love to hear your feedback.

You can search for content within the RDG Retail Academy from the Resources page. 

Enter your search criteria and all relevant content (modules, podcasts, webinars, and downloadable files) will be displayed.